2023 October CA Road Trip


Every year we've been doing a road trip down to California to visit Kathi's family and our Bay Area friends in October. Instead of driving for 11 hours straight, we like to break the trip up into chunks and do some motorcycle riding along the way. Northern California and Southern Oregon have some of the greatest riding in the world. This time we took dual sport dirt bikes and drove forest roads and OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) parks.

We drove about 1500 miles, got about 18 mpg, and paid an average of about $4.35/gallon so gas was ~$360. Four nights of hotel stays at roughly $85/night, or $340 for lodging. The big ticket was food, but overall this is a very economical kind of vacation adventure.


Daily Details and Naration

0) Oct 11 Wed Drive Chalet to Greensprings
1) Oct 12 Thu Ride 60 miles of forest roads North towards Crater Lake
2) Oct 13 Fri Drive to PA stopping at Castle Craggs and RWC to visit Lizzie and Andy
3) Oct 14 Sat visit and Dinner party at Donata Enteca
4) Oct 15 Sun 8hr brunch with Mike and Dave
5) Oct 16 Mon Metcalf MC Park and dinner with Celia and Craig
6) Oct 17 Tue visit and dinner with Orit
7) Oct 18 Wed visit, dinner with Lizzie and Andy, drive to Red Bluff
8) Oct 19 Thu drive to Chemult stopping to ride on Shasta
9) Oct 20 Fri Three Trails OHV, then dinner with Shan and Wendy
10) Oct 21 Sat breakfast with Wendy and Shan, Henderson OHV, and home

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