2017 FUZ-moto Bumblebee returns to Montreal

  some notes:
2017/08/21 eclipse  (14 days)

2017/08/31 in Montreal
2017/09/02 returning the Multistrada
2017/09/03 VFR voltage regulator and stator issue

2017/09/15 collecting the FJR1300
  and eagle creek fire (see 9/3+)

 45. 12m 52.48s
-123.  9m 27.54s


Nicky's back from Australia, ready to begin her next phase in Montreal, so Bumblebee needs to get back to Canada.

Chris, Nicky, and Matt head out from the Pacific Northwest (McMinnville Oregon and Vancouver Washington) across the country. Matt will join us as far as Cody Wyoming on the FJR1300. Chris will ride the Ducati Multistrada 1200S, and Nicky will ride Bumblebee, her 2000 yellow Honda VFR800fi.

The trip starts a couple of days early viewing a total solar eclipse just a bit south of McMinnville Oregon.

Then some frantic motorcycle maintenance as the Ducati suffers a flat tire between McMinnville and Vancouver(!)

Then 3 beautiful days riding from Vancouver thru Yellowstone to Cody Wyoming where Matt's brother in law lives. There Matt will leave the FJR1300 with Todd and fly home. Chris and Nicky will continue on for six more days to Montreal.

Chris and Nicky delivered the Multistrada to a motorcycle shop in Plainsville NY where it will be picked up by a motorcycle shipping company for return to Oregon.

Finally, there's again some frantic motorcycle maintenance as Bumblebee sufferes from what looks like a voltage regulator failure, but turns out to be a combination of wiring and stator failure.

But the trip's not over yet! Chris still has to fly out to Cody to pick up the FJR1300 and ride it back to Vancouver. That turns out to be tricky as the first winter storm arrives in Wyoming just as Chris arrives. It's a snowy couple of days getting back as Chris heads north around Yellowstone through Montana and Idaho.

-1) Aug 21 Mon Solar Eclipse in Monmouth Oregon
0) Aug 22 Tue Trip preparations, tires and fork seals
1) Aug 23 Wed Day 1 Vancouver to Lewiston ID
2) Aug 24 Thu Day 2 Lewiston ID to Ennis MT
3) Aug 25 Fri Day 3 thru Yellowstone to Cody WY
4) Aug 26 Sat Day 4 from Cody into Montana to 4 Corners WY with lots of dirt roads
5) Aug 27 Sun Day 5 Badlands and a long highway slog to Sioux Falls SD
6) Aug 28 Mon Day 6 Sioux Falls, cave exploration, to Rice Lake WI
7) Aug 29 Tue Day 7 Rice Lake WI up through Michigan across the border to Thessalon ON Canada
8) Aug 30 Wed Day 8 Thessalon to Ottawa
9) Aug 31 Thu Day 9 Ottawa to Montreal
10) Sep 1 Fri Lazing around in Montreal
11) Sep 2 Sat Delivering the Multistrada to New York for shipment
12) Sep 3 Sun Fixing Bumblebee's VR and Stator
13) Sep 15 Sun Cody WY to Butte MT
14) Sep 16 Sun Butte MT to Vancouver WA

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