Walking London and Croatia by Scooters, Thu Sep 8, 2022


Thu 2022/09/08 Scooters to Pula and Amphitheater

what Google history thinks we did

Pula Arena built between 27 BC and AD 68

Ancient Roman Colosseum not in Rome

you can always find scooter parking

Juice drinks on the harbor

Gas stop. Old, handicapped motorcyclists ride Vespas

Do you see two little red Vespas up ahead on that road? We ended up going around that rainstorm and not getting even a little bit wet.

The harbor isn't so calm this evening.

Somehow the big ugly rain forecast kept receiving and we ended up finishing a wonderful day of riding with but a few drops of rain.

From our hotel room window this evening, it looks like the rain is going to come tonight

OK, I really like these Vespa scooters. I've started shopping. Here's a good youtube video review of scooters where the guys rave about Vespas relative to their competition.