Walking London and Croatia by Scooters, Fri Sep 9, 2022


Fri 2022/09/09 Scooters to Risnjak National Park and rain

what Google history thinks we did

today we head out into those mountains on the left

These Views!!

It's supposed to rain all day but so far it's pretty

Heading into the forest national park Risnjak

Can you drink from a water bottle with your helmet on?

Coffee break while it's raining

Off for a hike in the rain

Kathi is in her element

Industrial area, ship yard and powerplant

We're back at the end of the last day with no mishaps

Sightseeing sub that doesn't submerge

Kathi collects owls. Here's her Risnjak Park Owl.

Chris swims on this tour. (Kathi swam in the Adriatic on the previous tour.) Water was less warm than I expected, but swimming in the Adriatic was super cool

Bye bye baby motos

Scooter rentals in Opatija

walking to dinner at The Yacht Club

Kathi couldn't decide, so she's doing double soups.

Cuttlefish minestrone is delicious

Our reward after a day of complex weather