Riding Day 5 (May 27) La Mongie → Pamplona


Leaving La Mongie in the morning

Over the pass, Col de Tourmalet, super famous on the Tour de France

Leaving La Mongie, we saw some wild lamas right about here. But I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch them.

Reminds me of Switzerland

Yet another river through town. I think this is the gave de Gavarnie through Sassis

This is a very tasty blueberry tart.

I really like this picture of me!

Fabulous mountain valleys

Col de Marie Blanque

Reminds me of Japan. A public restroom in Escot, France

I like the clever tire valve on my R1250GS. Centrifugal force doesn't cause the valve to leak and it is easy to get to. Sweet!

More incredible mountain valleys. Still in France, but almost back to Spain.


The Pyrenees are just leaking with moisture. They stick up into the clouds, precipitate the moisture, and as a result are covered with streams, rivers, and waterfalls. Gorgeous!

But it means sometimes the views were obscured. View of Plateau du Guillers from D132.

These hairpin turns in the low visibility and wet conditions require intense concentration. Here's Jerry coming up the hill behind me.

Welcome to Navarre (Nafarroa), Spain! A medieval Basque kingdom annexed by Castile in the 16th century. They speak Basque here, thus "Nafarroa".

Dinner at Mesón Pirineo

Running of the bulls starts from the corral in the upper left and goes 680m across the city to the Plaza de Toros de Pamplona. Google says it's a 10 minute walk. I think it's a bit faster in real life.

Jerry getting ready to run. This is where the bulls start from.

And this is where they finish by running into the arena.

Fabulous depiction of the dramatic event.

Of course we walked around town for hours after dinner.