Riding Day 4 (May 26) St. Gaudens → La Mongie


Today is our joint birthday. Chris is 58, Jerry is 73.

We are getting pretty good at riding together, planning and following the route. But we did encounter some closed roads that made for an adventure and some detouring.

Cute 1 month old baby of our 23 year old AirBnB host.

Chris went off the road near here to avoid an oncoming car. It's steep down on the right. Minor miracle that I managed to keep the bike upright. Jerry helped me get it back onto the pavement. Had to turn off traction control and get a push to climb out of the wet leaves and mud beside the pavement.

Grocery store lunch, cheese, salami, bread, milk. A FUZ-moto classic.

Port de Balès, Ferrère, France on the D925/D51D. The road was "closed" but we were able to ride past the barrier.

When we broke out of the clouds, the view on the other side was spectacular!

Names of Tour de France cyclists written on the route by fans.

Top of Col d'Aspin, one of the more beautiful places on Earth where the Tour de France frequently passes.

In La Mongie, we arrived/stayed between the end of ski season and the opening of summer season on June first. Nobody was there. We found a couple preparing their restaurant for the upcoming summer season. They took pity on us and made some food, including this banana split to help celebrate our birthdays.

This is our AirBnB. We are the only people staying in this ~150 unit building.

Walking back towards our "hotel". That's it up there lit up in the descending clouds.