In icy-cold January, Chris rode Richie's Honda VTX1800R from McMinnville Oregon to Danville California in preparation for our next Northern California FUZ-moto. This was a quick solo trip recapulating the inaguarl trip when I picked up this VTX from an eBay seller in Hood River Oregon 10 years earlier. See before FUZ-moto-I picking up a VTX1800R from Oregon.

Daily Details and Naration

1) Jan 15 Thu McMinnville OR to Weed CA
2) Jan 16 Fri Weed to Danville (sorry no pictures)

I took the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway Highway 97 route on the East side of the Cascade Range where it was drier, but still quite cold.

I nearly lost it in freezing rain in one of the curves on Highway 22 between Salem and Sisters. I ended up going way wide across two oncoming lanes. Fortunately it was early in the morning with almost no traffic.
Dial it back and live to ride another day ;-)

Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the equipment at the Collier Logging Museum. Cool place for a rest stop.

Very nice views of Mt. Shasta from this highway View Point

On the bike you can see my life-saving Chinese rip-offs of Hippo Hands
These are really great for cold-weather riding.

This Honda VTX 1800R with Corbin seat, backrest, BMW windshield, and Hippo Hands is a pretty sweet highway cruiser for this kind of ride.


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Arrival in Danville

With the bike back in California, we are all ready for the next FUZ-moto.