2015 Middle California


Richie, Jerry, Chris, and Tony did a little FUZ-moto. It really started with Chris flying down to Mexico on March 25 (OAK→GDL)

Then fly with Jerry in his Bonanza to Phoenix for a Faubert family reunion.

Then reunion visiting in Phoenix March 27 and 28.

Then on March 29, Richie, Jerry and Chris fly from Phoenix to Livermore in the Bonanza

Then we ride from Danville south to Santa Paula on March 30 via the central mountains

Finally Richie breaks off and heads to Phoenix while Jerry, Tony, and I ride back to Danville, up the coast.

And on April 1, Jerry flys back to Mexico while I head to Washington DC to visit the NRC.

All action; no wasted time! Just like Clark Grizwold likes it.

Daily Details and Naration

1) Mar 30 Mon South via central mountains to Santa Paula
2) Mar 31 Tue Back North up the coast to Danville

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