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Chris and Kathi met Dave Nicoll on the Adriatic Riviera Tour in 2022. That trip created a WhatsApp channel that has remained active where participents have posted some of their follow-on adventures. Dave and Chris were some of the most active contributors to that channel. Dave especially was always quick to respond. Kathi noticed that and kept telling Chris, "You and Dave should get together for a ride sometime." One day, Dave was drooling over Chris's list of bikes and Chris suggested jokingly to Dave "It's going to take you more than a couple of hours to ride them all". Dave responded, "That's an offer that's extremely difficult to refuse!". Then, with Kathi urging him on, Chris started thinking seriously about how to include Dave on a trip. Kathi wanted to go back to Italy. Chris wanted to go to Sicily in March to get away from Washington winter weather, so he suggested that he and Dave join forces to explore southern Italy in March. Kathi wanted to wait until a bit later when she could go and take some Italian lessons. Well, the proposal morphed over time to include Kathi doing three weeks of Italian study in Napoli while Chris and Dave ferried to Greece to do something inspired by Adriatic Moto Tour's 14-day Greece Tour. Thanks to Kathi, another epic dream tour became a reality while Chris and Dave became fast friends.

6,653 km, 23 riding days, 4 ferries, 9 flights, total vacation: 32 days.


Daily Details and Naration

0) Apr 23 Tue Dave flys 8:50pm YYZ - ZRH 10:25am
1) Apr 24 Wed Dave arrives ZRH 10:25am rents a car, then he rents a car to drive around Switzerland
2) Apr 25 Thu Chris&Kathi fly PDX→SEA→FRA→ZHR
3) Apr 26 Fri train ZHR→Zürich→Zug meet Joe&Bridget
4) Apr 27 Sat visit with Joe&Bridget
5) Apr 28 Sun Chris rides Ducati to Milan, Kathi flies to Naples, Dave arrives Milan Centrale 17:40 from Geneva, stay at Agape hotel
6) Apr 29 Mon pick up scooter, bleed brakes, pack bikes, ride →Bologna
7) Apr 30 Tue see Museo Ducati and ride →Urbino
8) May 1 Wed ride →L'Aquila
9) May 2 Thu ride →Avigliano near Potenza
10) May 3 Fri ride →Brindisi, then Ferry overnight ⇒Igoumenista Greece
11) May 4 Sat ride →Lefkada
12) May 5 Sun ride →Olympia
13) May 6 Mon ride →Monemvasia
14) May 7 Tue ride →Athens
15) May 8 Wed have a rest day in Athens, see historic sites
16) May 9 Thu ride →Delphi
17) May 10 Fri ride →Karpenissi
18) May 11 Sat ride →Meteora / Kalamapaka
19) May 12 Sun ride →Vikos Gorge/Monodendri
20) May 13 Mon ride →Igoumenista, ferry to Corfu, ride →south end of Corfu
21) May 14 Tue explore Corfu, ferry back to Igoumenista, ferry overnight to Brinidisi Italy
22) May 15 Wed 1am-9am ferry to Brindisi, Dave heads north to Viale Vittorio, Chris heads south to Crotone
23) May 16 Thu Chris rides to Maratea, Dave rides to Borghi just short of Milan
24) May 17 Fri Dave drops Ducati in Milan, flys to ZHR; Chris meets Kathi after class in Napoli
25) May 18 Sat Dave flys home; KB&CU hang out in in Naples, see the MANN museum
26) May 19 Sun KB&CU scooter from Naples to Salerno (flat tire)
27) May 20 Mon KB&CU scooter along the Amalfi coast, Sorento, Pompei, Vesuvio, and back to Napoli
28) May 21 Tue Kathi Naples; Chris rides Naples past Florence to Pistoia
29) May 22 Wed Kathi train Naples->Milan; Chris rides Pistoia to Milan (4h), return scooter, dinner with Joseph and Chloe
30) May 23 Thu Fly MXP→JFK→IND
31) May 24 Fri visit with Joci
32) May 25 Sat Joci's graduation
33) May 26 Sun fly IND→DFW→PDX (Happy Birthday Chris!)

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Where we stayed

Some hilights

This is a quick slideshow of about 100 of my favorite pics from the trip.
It's a lot shorter than going through all 3820 pictures of the full site.
Please enjoy!


Date Start→End Actual
predicted time
vs Google
SunApr 28 Zug→Milano 260 km260 km4h51m3h24m3h16m+4.1% 1h27m 30%Massive Gottard Tunnel construction delays
MonApr 29 Milano→Bologna 268 km268 km5h46m4h06m3h55m+4.7% 1h40m 29%Fix Ducati, late start, injured calf muscle
TueApr 30 Bologna→Urbino 287 km259 km9h19m5h40m5h09m-0.7% 3h39m 39%1h18m at the Ducati Museum
WedMay 01 Urbino→L'Aquila 348 km327 km7h39m5h19m5h26m-8.1% 2h20m 31%ride log went long after arrival
ThuMay 02 L'Aquila→Avigliano 409 km395 km8h52m6h54m6h23m+4.4% 1h58m 22%LONG RAINY DAY with a crash :(
FriMay 03 Avigliano→Brindisi→Igoumenista342 km325 km8h35m6h19m5h47m+3.8% 2h16m 26%Night on the Ferry to Greece
SatMay 04 Igoumenista→Lefkada 325 km324 km9h05m5h54m6h17m-6.4% 3h11m 35%
SunMay 05 Lefkada→Olympia 334 km311 km8h09m5h40m5h32m-4.6% 2h29m 30%
MonMay 06 Olympia→Monemvasia 312 km302 km9h09m5h54m5h00m+14.2%3h15m 36%Visiting in Mani
TueMay 07 Monemvasia→Athens 361 km344 km9h38m5h25m6h31m-20.8%4h13m 44%
WedMay 08 Athens 32 km 32 km5h00m0h59m0h59m 4h01m 80%rest day in Athens, visiting Acropolis
ThuMay 09 Athens→Delphi 281 km275 km8h02m5h28m5h42m-6.1% 2h34m 32%heavy rain, missed Delphi
FriMay 10 Delphi→Karpenissi 157 km157 km4h15m2h48m2h37m+7.0% 1h27m 34%
SatMay 11 Karpenissi→Meteora 173 km165 km7h22m3h36m3h23m+1.5% 3h46m 51%
SunMay 12 Meteora→Vikos/Monodendri 253 km267 km8h56m4h25m5h49m-19.9%4h31m 51%
MonMay 13 Monodendri→Igourmenista→Corfu227 km217 km11h54m6h07m5h00m+16.9% 5h47m 49%Includes ferry distance
TueMay 14 Corfu→Igourmenista→Brindisi 183 km177 km8h02m5h26m4h50m+8.7% 2h36m 32%
WedMay 15 Brindisi→Crotone 412 km388 km8h36m6h42m6h01m+4.9% 1h54m 22%Overnight on the ferry back to Italy
ThuMay 16 Crotone→Maratea 337 km325 km9h44m7h16m7h46m-9.8% 2h28m 25%Longest day
FriMay 17 Maratea→Napoli 293 km285 km7h10m6h28m6h11m+1.7% 0h42m 10%
SatMay 18 Napoli---------------- Rest day in Napoli -------------------
SunMay 19 Napoli→Solerno 87 km76 km4h26m2h02m2h06m-15.0% 2h25m 54%
MonMay 20 →Amalfi→Sorento→Napoli 139 km138 km8h33m4h17m4h01m+5.9% 4h16m 50% A long day for Kathi
TueMay 21 Napoli→Pistoi 535 km525 km7h33m5h44m5h08m+9.6% 1h49m 24%All Freeway
WedMay 22 Pistoia→Milano 298 km299 km4h47m4h21m4h24m-0.8% 0h26m 9% about half Freeway
TotalGreece2,638 km89h32m51h40m
TotalItaly 4,015 km95h51m68h30m
GPSTotal 6,653 km185h23m120h12m
ScooterTotal 6,391 km
DucatiTotal 5,645 km
Median290 km/day8h6m5h27m5h9m+1.6%2h30m32%

My goal was to keep every day under 7hrs of Google Maps time and ideally in the 5—6 hrs range. Indeed, my median Google Maps time was 5h9m and worst case was 7h46m.

My pace while moving matches very closely to Google Maps predicted time, usually within ±5%.

To estimate elapsed time, add 50% to the Google Maps estimated time (break time is 33% of total time) if pushing hard, and double Google's estimate to be more relaxed (50% break time).

By the GPS recording, I travelled 6,653 km and by scooter odometer it was 6,391 km. I think the difference is two recorded ferry rides between Ingoumenista and Corfu.

The Ducati, mostly riden by Dave, travelled 5,645 km (25,425 - 19,780). Dave calculated 6,381 km, not sure where that came from.

Expense Sharing

Dave and Chris will share gas costs as we'll be swapping bikes back and forth. Shared meals, hotel rooms, ferry tickets, etc will be entered into this Google Spreadsheet and we'll settle up at the end. The spreadsheet shows a total of about €2,035 per person for lodging, meals, fuel, and ferry passages.

Gas was about €23/person/day
Food was about €31/person/day
Rooms were about €33/person/day
Ferries/transport totaled €427/person
Entry tickets to sights totaled €33/person
My flights to Europe and back were $2,004/person


Someday, I want to go back to Greece and do a sailing charter like this.


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