Three Loops from Ajijic, Day 1 of the three-day-run, Mon Apr 12, 2021


The day began with ...


Here's were we turned off the highway to head down towards Etzatlán

Breakfast in Etzatlán

This young man took our orders

Restaurant El Zaguan Restaurante and cheese store




Dinner in Mecatán

We had a nice dinner at a tiny place with no menus in Mecatán.

Rustic place in a very small town

with delicious food

After dinner, just outside of Mecatán, we were suprised to find the road turn to dirt for quite a long way!

Presents from Terry

Terry's new business is making the full-printed shirts.

printed neck gaiter modeled by The Invisible Man

Hanging out in the evening, shooting the shit, drinking tequila and milk

Our plan for tomorrow's ride