Three Loops from Ajijic, The One Day "Sunday Ride", Sun Apr 11, 2021


The day began with a visit to "The French Lady's Place" for croissants

Delicious. It was. Really!

Dave's lightweight took kit by RRR Tool Solutions

just a potty break

Breakfast at Los Burritos de Moyahua

World's Record largest molcajete

in line for burritos

Ray's cool shirt

Earthquake road to Yahulica

Our route from Moyahua to Yahulica





Jerry riding over the earthqake fault


Drinks in Yahulica while watching bikes and such...

Bikes are transportation for everyone from middle aged women

To parents with small kids...

To young men out for a good time...

And of course young women out for a good time...

Husbands and wives...

And entire families


Retrieving the R1150R

When we got home, Jerry and I towed the R1150R back up the hill and put it in his van for delivery to The Sierra Shop the next morning for repairs.

safely in the van

Ice Cream snack down in Ajijic before dinner