Following our hugely successful Italy 2018 FUZ-moto to Northern Italy, Switzerland, and France, we were excited to visit Europe again. I've read articles about riding in Spain, so that was on my bucket list. The guys at CIMT were helpful in recommending renting from their sister company IMTBike in Spain and Portugal. After months of day-dreaming about routes, Chris settled on picking up bikes in Barcelona, riding the Pyrénées and Northern Spain, visiting Jerry's niece in Logroño, then getting back to Barcelona to return the bikes and head home. The trip would take us into Spain, France, and the tiny country of Andorra. Within Spain we would see the historical kingdoms (autonomous communities sort of like states or provinces) of Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre, Basque Country, La Rioja, Castile and León, Cantabria, and well into Asturias.

Daily Details and Naration

-2) May 20 Mon Jerry arrives May 20 at 9:45PM
-1) May 21 Tue Chris arrives May 21 Tue 4pm
0) May 22 Wed hang-out, pick up bike evening
1) May 23 Thu Barcelona → Figueres
2) May 24 Fri Figueres → Andorra
3) May 25 Sat Andorra → St. Gaudens
4) May 26 Sun St. Gaudens → La Mongie
5) May 27 Mon La Mongie → Pamplona
6) May 28 Tue Pamplona → Bilbao
7) May 29 Wed Bilbao → Nava
8) May 30 Thu Nava → Arija
9) May 31 Fri Arija → Logroño
10) Jun 1 Sat << Logroño rest day and visiting with Ana Paola >>
11) Jun 2 Sun Logroño → Balaguer
12) Jun 3 Mon Balaguer → Barcelona
13) Jun 4 Tue return flights depart at 6pm

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Where we stayed

Barcelona (3 nights)



Saint Gaudens

La Mongie