Walking London and Croatia by Scooters, Tue Sep 6, 2022


Tue 2022/09/06 Scooters South along the coast then East to Poreč and Vrsar Fjord

what Google history thinks we did

views from the coast road (Route 66) are fabulous

The "Fjord"

Lunch at Restaurant Viking with a view of the Fjord

Kathi's bus stop on Rt 66

Kathi had us turn around and go back a few km to this bus stop with a fantastic view. I saw a lot of pretty amazing bus stops on this trip, and this was one of the best. Not your typical Edelweiss tour stop, but perfect for Kathi.

Every construction site, even a home remodel, has a tower crane on site.

Another lovely day on the Iderian Coast on our hot, red scooters

We definitely aren't the only motorcycles out on this lovely day. Lots of tour groups coming back into town at the end of the afternoon.

Yeah, the views are pretty bitchin'

This Yamaha Tenere 700 was parked in front of a hotel down the street for the whole week. I think I like this color scheme. Want. Want. Want.

The trailer full of scooters stayed parked beside the hotel for the week. It gets delivered to Triest for the Ccooters Tuscany tour when we're done with them.

no better spot to rest after a long day on scooters

Dinner tonight was at the hotel buffet. Good, but not so awesome that we were compelled to take pictures.