Walking London and Croatia by Scooters, Mon Aug 29, 2022


Arrived but the gate is occupied

We're feeling good to be in London, having found our train, and heading towards our hotel on The Underground

trains from LHR to Soho were easy this time. Got the 12:40 pm train just 1hr 10m after landing at LHR

Radisson Blu Soho

Thanks to Ana Liu's recommendation, we stayed at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Grafton just steps from the Warren Street station

That bed looks good after a long flight

Radisson Blu hotel room, thanks Ana Liu for the great recommendation!

Let's go out for a walk

we walked around something like this

Fish & Chips for lunch

Soho Hobson's Fish & Chips

waiting for fish and chips

at Hobsons

Kathi got the battered Plaice fish (flat fish)

Chris got the grilled cod

After Lunch, walk around The Regent's Park gardens

70°F with a bit of breeze, let's go for a walk

horizontal surfaces are sooo inviting...

That's the 191 meter BT Tower (British Telecom) seen from near our hotel

Kathi is knackered at 6pm local time (3am back home)