Three Loops from Ajijic, Mexico


Jessica has a new job with Amazon México so Jerry is back to work soon for AirLink. We've all had our Covid-19 shots. It's time to get one last long tour in before Jerry can't take extended time off. Chris jets off to Guadalajara for a quick week of blitzing around from Ajijic. Several of the Riders of the Sierra Madre joined for parts of this trip. Format was a 2-day outing to Manzinillo, a 1-day "typical Sunday ride" for breakfast, and a 3-day trip through the mountains.

Daily Details and Naration

-1) Apr 8 Thu PDX → LAS → GDL
0) Apr 9 Fri Ajijic to Manzinillo
1) Apr 9 Sat Manzanillo back to Ajijic
2) Apr 9 Sun Sunday ride to Moyahua for burritos
3) Apr 9 Mon Ride out to Ruiz
4) Apr 9 Tue Ruiz to Huajacar
5) Apr 9 Wed Huajacar back to GDL and Ajijic
6) Apr 10 Thu GDL → LAX → PDX

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Where we stayed

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