Scouting Hidalgo, Mexico


discussion of who went, what bikes we rode, etc. Also on the tour were

Daily Details and Naration

0) Sep 12 Sat Flew Volaris PDX -> GDL
1) Sep 12 Sun picked up Hebina and went for a day ride with the wives
2) Sep 12 Mon 1st scouting day to El Oro de Hidalgo
3) Sep 12 Tue 2nd scouting day to Mineral del Chico
4) Sep 12 Wed 3rd scouting day to Chapulhuacán
5) Sep 12 Thu 4th scouting day to Bernal
6) Sep 12 Fri 5th day return to Ajijic and swimming with the kids
7) Sep 12 Sat Hiking a waterfall with Loretta and visiting
8) Sep 12 Sun Flew Volaris GDL -> PDX

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6 Riding Days Overview & Points of Interest

Jerry's House Hotel Real Del Oro Hidalgo Posada El Amanecer, Mineral Del Chico Hotel Posdad Don Mauro, Chapulhuacán Casa Caro Bernal The Sierra Shop

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