Idaho RV camping with the Stassens family August 2020


Idaho RV camping with the Stassens family

The Stassens Family: Shan, Wendy, Wyatt, and Autumn and their two dogs Maisy and Percy took off to wander Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington for a few days.

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Daily Details and Naration

Aug 8 Sat Day 1 McMinnville to Brasada Ranch near Bend and then Poison Butte campground Middle Oregon on the Crooked River
Aug 9 Sun Day 2 to Idewild campground in Eastern Oregon north of Burns
Aug 10 Mon Day 3 to Juntura Hot Springs and Bull Trout Lake in Western Idaho
Aug 11 Tue Day 4 to Ketchum and Park Creek campground in Middle Idaho
Aug 12 Wed Day 5 back to Ketchum then North to Twin Creek campground just south of Montana, but still in Idaho
Aug 13 Thu Day 6 continue North thru Missoula and up Highway 200 to Lake Ponderay where we camped at Garfield Bay campground in Northern Idaho
Aug 14 Fri Day 7 south to Coeur d'Alene then back into Washington to Hood Park and overnight at Ice Harbor Dam visitor center
Aug 15 Sat Day 8 back along the Columbia scenic parkway and the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center to McMinnville
The whole trip was about 1800 miles and we averaged about 225 miles of driving each day.

Camping was between $8 and $15/night and the campgrounds were fantastic.

Fishing, Hot Springs, Hiking, and some nice dinners and breakfast stops. A memorable, good time was had by all.

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