Riding Day 12 (June 3) Balaguer → Barcelona


Many bugs gave their lives for our motorcycling pleasure.

5,296 minus 1,769 = 3,527 km traveled over 11 riding days for an average of 320 km per day
Most days we were riding from about 10:00am to about 6:00pm or 8 hours of which we were moving about 6.5 hours.

Chris has another T-shirt :-)

View from our hotel room in Abba Saints

A guy in a phone store had this somewhat beat up Caique

The sky is soooo bluuuue

I want one of these orange juice squeezing machines... until I think about cleaning it. I wish our grocery stores had fresh squeezed OJ taps like everywhere in Spain!

On the bus back to the airport. Missing Spain already.

Remembering all the fantastic parts.

Flight is delayed about 2 hours. This is what happens when you think about the upcoming 12hr flight while waiting in the airport for 5 hours.

Aboard in the Front ROW! Nice.

Don't miss the next one folks!