Riding Day 7 (May 29) Bilbao → Nava


Actually I think we are closer to Comillas and just saw a sign for direction to Abanillas.

I really like these weird, elevated granaries in Asturias called Hórreo. They look so improbable standing up on 4 stone posts with big capstones. Here's a cool article about them. Apparently they are symbolic nowadays and used for Zen relaxation getaways rather than storing grain up away from dampness and rodents. StreetView
I couldn't stop on the bridge for a panorama, but StreetView got one for me!

"The Old Lady's House" or La Casa de la Vieja our AirBnB for the night with the lovely, personality-filled Mercedes

Then we rode our bikes a few km over to Nava to find dinner.

Dinner at Hotel Prida in Nava where the waiter poured their famous Cider.

Later we walked to Ceceda for some exercise but didn't get any pictures in the dark.