Riding Day 2 (May 24) Figueres → Andorra


We started from Figureres Spain, spent much of the day riding in France, back to Spain, and finally into Andorra --- 3 border crossings.

This second day was a lot of very tight technical riding in wet conditions, so we didn't stop and take many pictures. But it was incredibly beautiful and the roads were fantastic.

on D618 in Boule-d'Amont France 42°34'46.3"N 2°36'50.6"E

on N116 in France in Réserve Naturelle National de Mantet / Regional Park of the Catalan Pyrenees next to La Têt river

The roads are narrow, the going is slow and wet, but the scenery is stupendous!

Then we arrived in Andorra.

Andorra is a different country without a T-Mobile agreement... so no phone or Internet for either Chris or Jerry. This makes calling the AirBnB host problematic.

I actually had Internet data for about 5 seconds after turning my phone on, before the network decided it shouldn't serve me. So, by queuing up an AirBnB message and cycling my phone between networks, I squeezed on message out. Thus we ultimately made it into the room. And what a room!

The views from this room are amazing.

The proprietor cooked us dinner and served his favorite wine, quite good.

The duck was delicious. And, the ubiquitous salted peppers made a 4th appearance. Looks like we'll be having these peppers every day of this trip.

I loved the lemon digestif

A knife and weapons store. Looks like some of the European weapons restrictions aren't in effect in Andorra.

These legs of salted pork are everywhere.

The Valira d'Orient River rushes through town. Really impressive flow rate. And it travels down a steep channel making a lot of noise. Quite the water feature.

We walked for a few hours after dinner, finding some very steep alleys to explore. This one was sloped at about 30 degrees. This part of town reminded me of Urbino Italy.

After climbing to the top of that alley, we were treated to this view.

We made it back to our room at 11:30pm

Cool under-bed storage. Took us a while to find the extra bedding :-)

Hotel in Andorra May 24→25 is
Avinguda Doctor Mitjavila Plan B
Andorra la Vella, Andorra la Vella AD500
Contact host: +376 6 40700 call to arrange key
Price: $112.87