FUZ-moto 2016 Mexico, Flying, Circa, and Motos


Chris took a break from preparing the Danville house for sale and flew his RV10 to Mexico to chase Nicky around and watch some of her circus performances. Jerry met me in San Diego where we visited with Matt before flying the RV10 down Baja, then across the bay and down to Guadalajara.

Then we flew Jerry's Bonanza to Monterry, picked up Nicky and Olivier, and flew back to Guadalajara.

Then we rode motorcycles with Ride the Sierra Madre for a couple of days before visiting the Guadalajara Zoo then flying Nicky back to meet up with her tour group in Guanajuato.

Chris and Jerry flew off to Mexico City, visited Jessica and Rodrigo and kids, then Jerry flew the whole family back to Guadalajara.

After a day of visiting in Ajijic, Chris flew back to Leon, picked up Nicky and Olivier, and flew them to Mazatlan.

We rented a sail boat and toured the bay near Mazatlan, watched rehearsals, and another Circa show.

Finally Chris flew the RV10 from Mazatlan to Nogalas AZ, then almost all the way home to Oregon. Got stuck in Redmond with bad weather. Almost drove a rental car home, but the next morning, the cloud bases were just high enough to make it through a pass back across the Cascades and into McMinnville.

Daily Details and Naration

0) Sep 30 Fri Chris flies RV10 to San Diego
1) Oct 1 Sat Jerry & Chris fly RV10 to Guadalajara
2) Oct 2 Sun Jerry & Chris fly Bonanza to Moterrey to get Nicky and Olivier
3) Oct 3 Mon Motorcycle riding around Chapala
4) Oct 4 Tue More motorcycle riding
5) Oct 5 Wed Gualajara Zoo special tour
6) Oct 6 Thu Bonanza to Leon and Guanajuato
7) Oct 7 Fri Circa COTA show at the Cervantinos Festival
8) Oct 8 Sat Jerry & Chris fly to Mexico City
9) Oct 9 Sun Hanging out with Jessica's family in Mexico
10) Oct 10 Mon Fly the whole family back to Guadalajara
11) Oct 11 Tue Fly RV10 to Leon, get Nicky & Olivier, continue to Mazatlan
12) Oct 12 Wed Sail boat tour with Circa troup
13) Oct 13 Thu Circa COTA show in Mazatlan
14) Oct 14 Fri Fly back to USA via Nogales, to Oregon
15) Oct 15 Sat Finish up below weather

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