FUZ-moto 2015 Ride the Sierra Madre, and RV10 flight to Mexico


Tony and Chris flew the RV10 from Livermore CA to Guadalajara Mexico.

Jerry organized a 2 day ride around the Lake Chapala region with John Gilbank of Ride the Sierra Madre.

Tony and Chris flew back over Copper Canyon and visited Joe's family in Tucson on the way.

0) Feb 7 Sat Flight Livermore to Yuma
1) Feb 8 Sun Yuma to Gudalajara
2) Feb 9 Mon visiting with cousins
3) Feb 10 Tue Ride the Sierra Madre, day 1
4) Feb 11 Wed Ride the Sierra Madre, day 2
5) Feb 12 Thu fly back GDL to Tucson
6) Feb 13 Fri fly back Tucson to KLVK

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2/7/2015    KLVK→KNYL    3.2     Departed LKV, climbed on top, cruised at 9500 all the way without any serious cloud problems.  Very good tail wind.  Yuma is not busy.
2/8/2015    KNYL→MMCN    3.0     Internationalization, customs, imigration took about 90 minutes and $300
2/8/2015    MMCN→MMGL    3.7     Uneventful and beautiful flight to Guadalajara.  Jerry and Richie were waiting for us.

2/12/2015   MMGL→MMCN    4.3     9:50am takeoff from GDL, then flight over Durango and Copper Canyon back to Obregon.  Tail winds and few clouds over the canyons.  Smooth trip.
                                 Easy documents at Obregon with Carlos.  Imigration USD$6, flight plan MX$xxx, Fuel tip MX$50, Doc prep tip MX$500.  Fuel MX$xxxx.
2/12/2015   MMCN→KOLS    1.7     2 hours Obregon to Nogales.  Hermosillo approach drops you 50 miles from MMHO.  Call flight service 122.4 to get sqawk about 40 miles from the border,
                                 they can also notify customs of exact arrival time.  USA entry was very quick. Lots of gusty winds at Nogales and some fairly serious turblence on the way in.
                                 Should have stayed high as long as possible.  Tony was sick because he didn't have enough to eat.
2/12/2015   KOLS→KAVQ    0.6     30 minuts in gusty, thermal conditions to meet Joe at Marana.  Dinner with the family.
2/13/2015   KAVQ→L35     2.2     Breakfast with Joe, Bridge, and Mo (happy birthday Joe).  Then on to Big Bear Lake for cheap gas.  High airport, good fuel stop.  Huge tail winds!
2/13/2015   L35 →KLVK    2.0     Flight into Livermore with offset altitude encoder almost didn't let me land due to POTUS TFR and Mode-C requirement.  Got it fixed at J&R Electronics,
                                 $85 including a certified check.

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