FUZ-moto 2015 The Rescue of Bumblebee

Nicky graduated from ENC and took a job in Brisbane Australia. It was time to move her stuff and her motorcycle out of Montreal. The bike is being driven from Montreal to McMinnville Oregon via Shreeveport Louisiana where we will see her friend Guillaum Paquin as they build the show (a process called "creation"). To start this trip, Chris shipped his Yamaja FJR1300 to a motorcycle shop in Richmond Virginia near the Richmond airport. Andy and Chris are going to a fencing tournament, then Andy heads home and Chris walks to the motorcycle shop from the airport, picks up his bike, and rides it to Montreal. A few days in Montreal helping Nicky pack and ship her things, then we hop on our bikes and ride them home. It will be an 10 day trip (9 riding days).

Daily Details and Naration

0) Oct 13 Tue Picked up FJR1300 in Richmond VA, rode to upstate NY
1) Oct 14 Wed NY to Montreal and flat tires
2) Oct 15 Thu hanging out in Montreal and birthday celebrations
3) Oct 16 Fri packing to move
4) Oct 17 Sat more packing
5) Oct 18 Sun Departed Montreal in -2C weather.
6) Oct 19 Mon Pennsylvania to West Virginia
7) Oct 20 Tue WV to Tennessee
8) Oct 21 Wed Tennessee to Shreveport LA
9) Oct 22 Thu Rest day watching Toruk creation
10) Oct 23 Fri Louisiana across Texas to Oaklahoma
11) Oct 24 Sat To Colorado
12) Oct 25 Sun Across Colorado, very cold
13) Oct 26 Mon Across Utah and Idaho
14) Oct 27 Tue Idaho to McMinnville, very cold

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