2012 FUZ-moto-VII Grand Canyon, Arizona and Utah


Four days of intense riding in Arizona and Utah touching Colorado and New Mexico.

This is what happens when Chris draws the T-shirt. Left to right we have: Chris, Rich & Ana, Nicky (who wasn't on the trip), Richie, Matt, Jerry, and Forrest in the background.

Daily Details and Naration

0) May 1 Tue Flew KLVK-L61(Soshone)-KIGM(Kingman)
0) May 2 Wed Flew KIGM-KTUS, visited Joe's family)
1) May 3 Thu Flew KTUS-P19(Stellar) and picked up the bikes from AZRide
2) May 4 Fri Drove up to the Grand Canyon to stay at Yavapai Lodge
3) May 5 Sat viewing the Grand Canyon, then driving through Monument Valley to Thunderbird Lodge
4) May 6 Sun South through the Painted Desert and 4-corners to Hannagan Meadow Lodge
5) May 7 Mon mountain riding back to Scottsdale, return the bikes
6) May 8 Tue Chris and Matt flying back to San Diego (KMYF), then Chris continuing on to KPRB and KLVK, total of 7.4 hrs

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Forrest's place Yavapai Lodge Thunderbird Lodge Hanagan Meadow Lodge Richie's place

Where we stayed

Where we rented bikes

We rented our bikes from AZRide and picked them up here

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