2024 Puerto Rico


Before Christmas, Chris was thinking about a winter vacation to somewhere tropical like Costa Rica. Kathi did some research and discovered a motorcycle touring company in Puerto Rico. After contacting them and discovering they were still reeling from Covid-19, having sold off their fleet, we planned a lazy trip of laying on beaches and just relaxing in Puerto Rico. To reduce the jet lag and shorten the long flight, we stopped for a couple of days in Fort Lauderdale/Miami/Naples Florida to see the Everglades before contining on to San Juan.

Flights were suprisingly cheap and Puerto Rico is like a budget-friendly version of Hawaii, so overall, this is an easy way to escape some winter weather. Overall, we spent about $3,200 for flights, hotels, and rental cars and another $1,400 ($125/day) on restaraunts, attractions, gas, Ubers, and other incidentals.

Daily Details and Naration

0) Feb 3 Sat Alaska Airlines 5h33m from PDX to Fort Lauderdale, arrived 5pm, picked up a car, dinner in Miami
1) Feb 4 Sun Drive through The Everglades, Alligators! and birds
2) Feb 5 Mon Drive back to Fort Lauderdale, Flamingo Gardens Botanical Park, fly Southwest Airlines to San Juan
3) Feb 6 Tue Lounging around San Juan and walking the streets in the rain
4) Feb 7 Wed Sandra Farms coffee plantation tour
5) Feb 8 Thu Walk around Old San Juan
6) Feb 9 Fri El Yunque Rainforest Park
7) Feb 10 Sat Hang out on the beach
8) Feb 11 Sun A long barefoot walk on the beach and streets
9) Feb 12 Mon Noon Beach walk, return the car, and fly Delta Airlines SJU->ATL->PDX

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