2024 Moulton Falls First Ride, Mon March 18, 2024


Temperature was ~65°F and Kathi was interested in getting out to do a first ride of the season

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Ride out to Moulton Falls

Ride Log

TimeMinuteskmkph avgComment
2:38pm Started recording as we turned onto NE Reily Rd in Washougal
2:43pm25.516 km39
3:08pm3.0 Can't cross the military base on Range Rd
3:11pm9.26 km42
3:22pm9.1 Confused about this turn onto Livingston Rd
3:31pm40.543 km64
4:11pm27.6 Hanging out at Moulton Falls
4:39pm43.040 km54Ride back
5:22pmArrived home
2h47m2h00m moving107 km53.6 kph72% moving, 47 minutes of breaks