Kathi visits Italy


After Chris's many visits to Italy, especially the one last year where he spent 10 days in the Dolomites, Kathi was looking forward to seeing Italy's wonders for herself. She prepared by studying Italian for about 6 months and was pretty excited to immerse herself in an environment filled with the language and to see the beautiful Lago di Como and Lago di Garda areas. We invited several friends to join us on this trip, but only one was available. We had a great time sharing the experience with Ana Lu. Originally Chris' plan was to rent Vespa scooters and do a 6 or 7 days of scooter sightseeing around the lakes and in the mountains, but weather, beaurocratic limitations, and Kathi's preference to enjoy Lago di Garda won out over Chris's Iron Butt tendencies and we rode Vespa scooters for 3 days around Lago di Garda.

Daily Details and Naration

0) Sep 3 Sun Depart PDX at 2:10pm heading to ORD and then MXP
1) Sep 4 Mon arrived Milan at 1:10pm and took a train to Milano Centrale and checked into our hotel
2) Sep 5 Tue Market day, Duomo, and Museo Castello Sforzesco
3) Sep 6 Wed Cementerio Monumental, bookstores
4) Sep 7 Thu Day trip to Varenna and ferry to Bellaggio, train strike experience
5) Sep 8 Fri Pick up Good Omens in Italian, walk around Canal Naviglio
6) Sep 9 Sat Day trip to Como, failed attempt to rent scooters, forge IDL
7) Sep 10 Sun Train to Bergamo
8) Sep 11 Mon Città Bassa walk and searching for chocolate
9) Sep 12 Tue Città Alta walking tour, botanical garden
10) Sep 13 Wed Hanging out, seeing Circo Aqua
11) Sep 14 Thu Train to Malcesine
12) Sep 15 Fri Rent scooters, CCW ride around the lake, ferry ride
13) Sep 16 Sat Scooters through the mountains East of Garda, braking bad ;-)
14) Sep 17 Sun Scooters, ferry, CW ride around the lake, and West mountains
15) Sep 18 Mon Malcesine castle
16) Sep 19 Tue Walk south to Assenza
17) Sep 20 Wed Walk north and watch paragliders
18) Sep 21 Thu Train back to Milan, motorcycle shop
19) Sep 22 Fri Fly home PDX→ORD→PDX

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The original plan

For reference, here's our planning document for this trip.

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