Moulton Falls Dirt Roads, Thu Apr 27, 2023


Chris and Kathi went out for a Dual-Sport ride exploring the roads around Moulton Falls.

We took the FZ07 and a KLX-230S. Plan was for Kathi to ride the FZ07 on pavement, then switch to the KLX when we hit dirt. So, Chris had to ride the FZ07 on the gravel roads. Our plan was to follow this route, programmed into the Garmin Zumo XT.

N 45 35.6108, W 122 31.3583, Chalet (start)
N 45 38.0960, W 122 22.9698, NE Blair and NE Reily Rd near Fern Prairie
N 45 40.7318, W 122 21.6931, NE Livingston Rd to L-1000 junction
N 45 45.0899, W 122 19.6364, Trailheads
N 45 45.8116, W 122 19.4665, Rock Creek Campground
N 45 47.6874, W 122 20.3962, NE Dole Valley and NE DNR 1100 Rd
N 45 47.6986, W 122 15.0572, NE DNR 1100 and NF-4109
N 45 47.8682, W 122 14.2458, NF-4109 turns right
N 45 47.9524, W 122 7.0773, NF-41 4th of July campground
N 45 48.4674, W 122 5.9100, NF-41 to NF-4220 junction
N 45 50.1782, W 122 5.3329, NF-4220 to NF-42 junction
N 45 50.6369, W 122 8.5455, NF-42 to FS-53 junction
N 45 51.1228, W 122 9.1272, FS-53 to NF-3810 junction
N 45 51.3153, W 122 11.2183, NF-53 to NF-4211 junction
N 45 49.5132, W 122 11.7908, NF-4211 to NF-42 junction
N 45 49.1377, W 122 15.0442, Sunset Falls
N 45 49.1050, W 122 21.3581, NE Sunset Falls Rd and NE 312th Ave
N 45 49.9043, W 122 23.3459, Moulton Falls parking area 1
N 45 50.0365, W 122 29.6604, Heisson Bridge
N 45 35.6108, W 122 31.3583, Chalet (end)

3h50m  93 miles

1) create a csv file as above ->  moulton.csv
2) convert it to a gpx route
gpsbabel -i csv -f moulton.csv -x transform,rte=wpt -o gpx -F moulton.gpx
3) after the <rte> tag add these lines
    <name>Moulton Falls Loop</name>
4) copy onto the micro-SD card
5) in the Zumo route planner app, import routes
6) select the named route "Moulton Falls Loop"
7) shape the route to touch it up as desired.
PITA, but it sort of works. Just don't let it recalculate the route if you make a wrong turn or if it loses its mind and thinks you left the route for a moment.
The Garmin truely sucks for dynamic route calculation.

This is what we actually did.

Big views

Little waterfalls everywhere

Bridge over Copper Creek

Muddy roads in the forest

Down the hill and across the river just before entering Sunset Falls Campground.

Hantwick Bridge

This little bridge crossing the Lewis River has a few nicely situated houses! Check out the seating and view from their front yard. Frickin' awesome!

From here, we stopped in at Battleground Lake State Park, then into town for a pizza dinner before riding home holding a leftover pizza box ;-)


Dinner at Detroit Pizza in Battleground. Excellent!