Three Loops from Ajijic, The Two-day Manzanillo Loop Day 1, Fri Apr 9, 2021


The 2-day, out-and-back

We met at a gas station in the morning in west Ajijic, but we had a bike failure. So we went back to the Sierra Shop, picked up a bike, and adjusted the route a bit. At the station in the morning we had Dan, Dave, Terry, Chris, and Jerry. But Terry stayed home and Dave rode about half way out with us before turning back.
The day began with the total electrical failure of Jerry's BMW R1150R. It seemed as if the battery was a dead short. Even jumping it with Jerry's Transit van just drew a few hundred amps without any action. But, Terry came to the rescue with a rental BMW R1200GS for Chris. Thanks Terry for saving the trip!

Dave and Jerry try to find the battery in a BWM R1150R. Hint, it's under the gas tank somewhere. Great place to be generating big arcing sparks with a shorted out battery and jumper cables. We ended up leaving the bike inside the security gate at Jerry's place and going to The Sierra Shop to get a bike from Terry Vidal.

Breakfast in Tapalpa

Dave led us over a newly paved 436 to Tapalpa for breakfast.




El Grullo

This is where Dave turned back to make it a day trip for him. Dan, Chris and Jerry continued to Manzanillo.

Stopped to add oil to Chris's bike. This stretch of Colima Manzinillo Camotian de Miraflores was unpaved for perhaps 20 km. I was glad to be on an R1200GS instead of the R1150R!


Casa Aristo B&B

Looking down the driveway towards the bay

View from the rooms is superb

The rooms are really nice too

Walking in downtown Manzanillo

A noisy political rally in the street

Monica's high-rise condo on the beach

The security / sales person brought us in for a tour

views from the balcony


Dan in the living room just inside from the balcony

The three amigos


Down on the 9th floor, we visited a unit that is just finished

View down to the pool from the 9th floor

pretty flowers walking from the condo to dinner

Another bitchin' rat bike --- dig the electrics

Cool book-shelf inside the bar

Jerry catches a nap in the dog-friendly bar

Dinner at the bar on the beach. The food was OK but the views were fabulous.

Fish tacos

geckos all over the hotel walls