While I was on the Idaho RV camping trip with the Stassens, Suze asked me if I'd do the Devilstone Run... A quick check showed that it was possible to fit it into the gap before heading off to Mexico to scout Hidalgo with Terry and the gang. So right after getting back from Terra Haute Indiana, I quickly packed the VFR and headed East with Suze for an amazing 9 days of riding. We averaged 347 miles per day and our longest day was 477 miles (too long, but Montana). In the future I'll try to plan days in the 280--320 miles range. 400 is a pretty big push.

Daily Details and Naration

3,127 miles and 9 days of riding.

place name place name place name place name place name place name place name place name place name
0) Aug 31 Mon 180 miles: Mac to Maupin Oregon
1) Sep 1 Tue 413 miles: Mapuin to Kooskia Idaho
2) Sep 2 Wed 477 miles: Kooskia to Roundup Montana
3) Sep 3 Thu 332 miles: Roundup to Hulett Wyoming
4) Sep 4 Fri 190 miles: DSR day 1, Devil's Tower to Seridan Wyoming
5) Sep 5 Sat 215 miles: DSR day 2, Seridan to Cody Wyoming
6) Sep 6 Sun 258 miles: DSR day 3, Cody thru Yellowstone to Ennis MT
7) Sep 7 Mon 378 miles: Ennis to Haven Hot Springs, Lowman Idaho
8) Sep 8 Tue 350 miles: Lowman to John Day Oregon
9) Sep 9 Wed 334 miles: John Day to MacMinville Oregon
total: 3,127 miles, avg ~350 miles/day

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