FUZ-moto Mexico, Flying, Circa, and Motos 2016


Fri Oct 14, 2016 Flying back from Mazatlan to Oregon via Nogales AZ

1500 nm and 10 hours of flying time. Stopped for customs and immigration in Nogales then fuel at Gila Bend and Winnamucca.

Bad weather stops me a bit short of McMinnville

I ended up landing at Bend, then finding no rental car service, so hopped over to Redmond and got a car planning to drive to Mac. But I was tired and took a hotel instead. Good thing because the weather lifted just enough by morning for me to return the car an fly home.

Sat Oct 15, 2016 Back home under the weather

The next morning, after following highway 20 across the Cascades just north of Eugene, I saw ripping 49 knot tail winds back to McMinnville. Look at that 202 knots over the ground at my economy cruise setting of 144 IAS. Sweet way to end an awesome couple of weeks. End