Flight from Tucson to Livermore, Fri Feb 13, 2015


The next day was Joe's birthday.
We celebrated with breakfast, then the family drove us back to Marana.
Our return was two flights: Tucson to Big Bear Lake for fuel, then on to Livermore. Only 4.2 hours.
2/13/2015   KAVQ→L35     2.2     Breakfast with Joe, Bridge, and Mo (happy birthday Joe).  Then on to Big Bear Lake for cheap gas.  High airport, good fuel stop.  Huge tail winds!
2/13/2015   L35 →KLVK    2.0     Flight into Livermore with offset altitude encoder almost didn't let me land due to POTUS TFR and Mode-C requirement.  Got it fixed at J&R Electronics,
                                 $85 including a certified check.

This is the track log from FindMeSpot for the whole trip

Lots of solar projects in the southwest desert

Cheap fuel at Big Bear Lake

On towards Livermore

Big prison in the middle of nowhere

Aqueduct pumping station

Transponder check at Livermore