Rest Day watching Toruk creation, Thu Oct 22, 2015


Mmm, tasty herbal tea

Toruk creation

Nicky's friend Guillaume Paquin from ENC has a lead role in the Cirque du soleil show Toruk. He is in Sreveport LA doing creation for a few months. He and some friends got us in to sit and watch their work for the day. It's super interesting and intense how the set is all grey and all color is added with digital projectors. Getting the ~20 projectors synchronized with the ~20 actors/acrobats, and the music and the lights is an exacting process. In the whole day, it seems they advanced the show maybe 80 seconds. I'm super impressed how they matched the splashes of "water" on the stage to the actor's foot contacts as they run around. And the splashes from their paddles as they row their boat. So cool!