Cross-country Day 1, Sun Oct 18, 2015


The day dawned cold, about -2C and Nicky's bike wouldn't start. We took the battery out, brought it upstairs into the appartment, and put it in a pot of water to warm on the stove while we finished packing. Eventually we did start the bike and head out into a light flurry of falling snow. Good to be going South!

Also good to be wearing every scrap of clothing we brought. We encountered more snow late in the day in Pennsylvania. Not sure exactly where we stopped, but I think it was Lewisburg.

Every night, we took the battery out of Nicky's bike and brought it into the hotel to keep it warm for the next morning.

The ritual was to stop at a MacDonald's for hot coffee and some breakfast after the first couple of hours of riding every morning.

Nicky's Hi-Vis rain gear not only matched her bike, it saved her a** from freezing to death. This simple bit of kit was really important.