Tue Jul 2, 2013


Flight From Livermore to St. Hubert (Day 2, International Falls MN to Deep River Ontario Canada)

7/1/2013    KLVK→06U  2.8 hrs  Jackpot/Hayden, Cactus Peet's  call for service and pay inside the casino
7/1/2013    06U→KBYG  2.6 hrs  Johnson County, steep descent from the Rockies
7/1/2013    KBYG→04Y  3.1 hrs  <fuel pump not staffed>  Added oil and replanned.  One botched landing and go-around.  Getting tired.
7/1/2013    04Y→KDTL  0.2 hrs  Detroit Lake MN with a working automated fuel pump
7/1/2013    KDTL→KINL 1.2 hrs  International Falls, (9.9 flight hrs today), courtesy car and hotel stay

7/2/2013    KINL→CYAG 0.3 hrs  super short border crossing
7/2/2013    CYAG→CYQT 1.2 hrs  Thunder Bay, Shell Aviation, fuel stop
7/2/2013    CYQT→CYSB 2.8 hrs  Sudbury, Shell Aviation, fuel stop
7/2/2013    CYSB→CPH2 1.2 hrs  Rolph Airstrip, caught out by low clouds, spending the night in Deep River Canada (5.5 flight hrs today)
7/3/2013    CPH2→CYHU 1.6 hrs  St. Hubert, under low clouds 1300ft after diving through a hole

The next morning, I got up and filed a flight plan for the 5.5 mile flight from International Falls MN to Fort Francis Canada.
Number of souls on board, 1.
Fuel on board, 6 hours.
Duration of flight, 0.05 hours.
Cruising altitude, 1000 ft AGL.
Filed flight plan, check.
Filed eApis, check.

On landing at Fort Francis, I called for customs and imigration and waited in the plane until two agents arrived. They were women decked out in bullet-proof vests and armed. They had me empty the plane and inspected my luggage, then sent me on my way.
I flew to Thunder bay for fuel, then on around the north side of Lake Superior to Sudbury.
After another fuel stop, I expected to make it to Montreal, but weather did not cooperate.
Cloud ceiling got lower and lower until I found myself following the Ottawa River towards Ontario.
I passed an airstrip on the Ontario side of the river and told myself that I'm returning there if the clouds get any lower.
I flew on a few more miles, then turned back... right over the Chalk River Laboratories --- Canada's Nuclear Lab.
Little did I know that I was flying below restricted airspace CYR-540 and 541 (3000' to FL180) and almost entered CYR-510 and 511 (surface to 3000' over the laboratory).
No worries, I turned around and landed at the grass strip.
Fortunately there was a hotel just a short walk from the strip with cell phone service so I could call ATC and let them know I landed safely.

Crossing the border

Fort Francis customs and immigration

Thunder Bay

Ceilings are getting low

Landed at CPH2 Deep River

Trading post has food and Pine Hotel has a bed. Jackpot!

A bunch of cool, Canadian home-made tools upstairs in the Trading Post.