FUZ-moto-VI California Coast, Day 3, Mon May 30, 2011


Playing on the beach in the morning before heading out

Group pics before heading out

Group picture before departing Shell Beach

Helmet repairs

Repairing Nicky's bike with duct tape

Sprocket shaft is leaking oil, which is dripping on the exhaust and making smoke.

This is what we like to see!

Los Gatos Creek Rd out of Coalinga

Hernandez Reservoir


15 miles of dirt, don't remember exactly where.

Creek Crossing

Creek crossings are a staple of FUZ-motos. It's a chance to re-group and speculate about imminent disaster ;-)






Matt has an eye for finding snakes and quick hands. Nicky loves snakes too!

A beautiful custom car in Coalinga

Highway 25 to Hollister


Lunch in Hollister

Boring traffic Highway 101 to get from Hollister to Quimby Rd

Quimby Rd on Mt. Hamilton



Top of Mt. Hamilton / Lick Observatory

Mines Rd, Livermore, back of Mt. Hamilton

East side of Mt. Hamilton after Lick Observatory

Rune blowout

Riding down from Mt. Hamilton, I was being very careful because the Rune's rear tire wasn't looking good. Right about here, just 38 miles from home on a 1000 mile trip, I heard a whistling noise and got hard on the front brake. Fortunately, I was able to stop before I completely lost steering ability!

It was very late after we got home, went back with a trailer to recover the Rune, then drove back to Danville. All that took at least 3 hours tacked onto the end of a very long FUZ-moto.