This FUZ-moto was called "Dirty FUZ". We took 7 dirt bikes to Brown's Camp and rode around for a day and camped over night.

The Riders

Richie, Chris, Matt, Nicole, Tony, Andy, Joceline, Evan Obrist

The Bikes

2 x XR650R, XR600R (Matt's bike), XR250R (Evan Obrist's bike), TT-R 125, XR80, JR50

The Site

Brown's Camp in Northern Oregon

Kathi's Adventure

Instead of staying over night, Kathi and Joceline drove out in our crappy Dodge Caravan. It died on the dirt road out of the camp in pitch blackness with no phone service. I don't remember how this resolved. TBD ask Kathi for details.

Riding round and round the campground to warm up

BBQ and Smores

Next day riding trails