Northwest Motorcycling: Sound RIDER! EVENTS

The Café to Café Grand Tour which hits 15 cafes scattered around Washington, Oregon, Idaho and one in Montana. Packets ship March 1st, 2021 and cost $49.

Rally in the Gorge, Aug 25--29, 2021; Registration $85, camping for the 4 nights is at the Hood River County Fairgrounds

Island Fever Grand Tour 30 islands you can access by motorcycle in the Pacific Northwest including 6 in Canada. $25. This is a fall and winter ride to collect visits to as many islands as you can. Ran in 2020, not yet listed for 2021. Info packs start shipping Nov 15.

The Ultimate Road Trip Tour 5 days in June, but actually ran in September 14--18, 2020. This is also called the CASCADE SUPER 8 and one of SoundRider's GPS Tours where they send you a tour book and GPS files. Typical days are 150--350 miles. They recommend, but do not pre-arrange, hotel bookings. They designate a location each day where riders can gather to discuss the day and make friends.

Sasquatch Dual Sport Tour this tour was based on The Idaho Bucket List tour of unpaved Idaho backroads (2012) and a subset was run in July 21--26, 2019. 75% dirt-gravel, 25% pavement. They provided a baggage car for up to 40 liters per rider. Maximum distance between fuel stops is 130 miles.

Northwest Motorcycle Exhibit

Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Clubs and Meetup Groups


Boeing Motorcycle Club PNWRiders CBSBC SoundRiders Ride Adventures OBCD Riders Oregon City Dual Sport Riders

Meetup Groups

Oregon City Motorcycle Adventure Group FreeThought Motorcyclists of Portland, Oregon and PNW Riding for Reason, seems like a reaction to the Christian motorcycle group that dominates Portland. "Although, this event is sponsored by The Trinity Road Riders, a Christian Motorcycle Club consisting mostly of Harley-Davidson Owners, they say that EVERYONE on any bike is invited so, we should assume that this includes Adventists on adventure bikes, Hindus on Hondas, Humanists on Husqvarnas, science-worshippers on Superbikes, Mormons on mopeds, Druids on enduros, Muslims on Monsters, agnostics on Aermacchis, non-believers on Ninjas, Baptists on Bonnevilles, Buddhists on Boulevards, Trekkies on Vulcans, secularists on scooters, Catholics on crotch-rockets, atheists on Ariels, Multi-ethnics on Multi-Stradas, Jewish American Persons on Japanese bikes, WASPs on Vespas, Rastafarians on Rebels, Pastafarians on Piaggios, Pagans on Panigales, Quakers on quads, Unitarians on Urals, Wiccans on Gold Wings, V-Stars of David, Sikhs on Suzukis, and Taoists on Triumphs."

Using GPX files

This is a really good list of GPS tips and tricks. Garmin Tips

Summary: pay Garmin for all the extra software and updates if you want their products to do what the box says it will do.